5 Tips on How to Relax in Front of the Camera

Are you nervous about your boudoir session? Here are some things that we do to help you relax during your shoot:

Play Music – In our Pre-Session Questionnaire we ask your favorite music and upon your arrival we will get the energy matching the energy we are about to capture in your session. Think of it like getting ready for a night out with your best friends!

Deep Breathing & Stretching – Now we are not talking about Yoga (but do you, girl!) Practice deep breathing and stretching since most of the poses will feel odd to a beginner. I always say if your comfortable posing you usually are not doing it right! Think high back arches, pointed toes, elongated legs. Deep breathing will help you regulate your nerves and is a proven relaxation method. We have yet to have a client come in and have a full on panic attack and we don’t want this experience to be a scary one at all! We are just getting you ready to rediscover your inner Goddess!

Take a Break – It’s not uncommon that we will stop a little bit into the shoot and talk throughout. Some clients completely open up and we talk about their lives and some are more reserved. But if talking helps calm your nerves, we will end up having a great girl talk and come out of your session not only on a a great self confidence high but also have gained another great friend in us.

Drink – Not to get drunk, but just enough to help you cut loose. We have Mimosas on tap and a specialized Menu that we curated just for our clients with fun Boudoir names! Feeling a little buzzed will help tremendously. We also can whip up a fun Mock-tail if you prefer not to drink and still feel fancy with our fun drinks!

Laugh It Off – If you’re feeling silly in front of the camera, please laugh! Capturing laughing images are my favorite because it shows off a certain confidence that other sultry poses may not portray. If you are silly like me, then show it off! There’s no one way to be sexy, because your sexy is unique to you!