Book Your Own Boudoir Party!

*Update: All parties booked during Covid-19 will be rescheduled at Client request & will be scheduled per Chicago/Illinois Guidelines.

Boudoir parties are all the rage these days. What’s a boudoir party you may ask? This is where we host a mini session day and all of the slots are filled by you and your girlfriends!

We will schedule out six to 10 sessions in one day and give you a group discount. You and your ladies all show up at the studio or the luxury hotel we choose (this will be decided at the time of booking) and get your hair and makeup done and drink and just have a good time while you’re waiting for your session. 

Each of you will then have your own private 30-minute session and can choose from our three collections. We also offer a little black book printed for you or your sweetheart.

Visit the Sydney Taylor Skin spa located in our building for extra pampering on your Girl’s Day and go shopping on Michigan Ave! Downtown is home to amazing restaurants and luxury stores around every corner to top off your experience. 

Sounds fun, right? Don’t miss your opportunity to throw your boudoir party. Contact us today to set your date!

Due to Covid-19 we will be taking extra measures to reduce the risk of exposure and have all staff use masks, hand sanitizing stations and sanitize the studio before and after sessions. Parties are limited to 3 clients per the State’s Regulations until further notice.