“I was so nervous I almost canceled but so glad I didn't. I feel it has boosted my confidence in so many ways. Bri made me feel so comfortable in my own skin and Cindy the hair and makeup artist made me feel amazing!"”

“I am so proud of myself for doing this session. I can't wait to see what my husband says about my photoshoot! Well worth the investment, I can't stop staring at my images and thinking, "OMG, is that ME?!”

“I was adamant about having a boudoir shoot. After going through multiple surgeries and a having cancer, I never felt like my old self again. Scars all over made me feel ugly. Let me tell you Bri and her team gave me that confidence again. They were beyond professional and made be see the beauty I have! I would recommend them for anyone that wants to see their beauty within.”

“An absolutely wonderful experience. Bri made me feel so safe and comfortable during the shoot. She knew exactly how to pose me where I felt sexy and beautiful + every photo was gorgeous! The sets were classy and beautiful. I felt pampered and high class as any model should. Time flew by for my shoot and I loved every moment I was there. I left feeling like I had made an incredible friend in Bri as she made me feel so comfortable with her!”

“I loved every second of my session, I couldn't even pick my favorites because they all looked amazing! Bri has such a beautiful studio and a beautiful soul. Even though I was in lingerie and technically in front of a stranger, I never felt more comfortable. The goody bag after my ordering session was super cute too!”

“I had such an amazing time at my maternity boudoir session! I am 38 weeks pregnant and felt so comfortable! I can’t wait to go back when I’m not pregnant! Bri was so attentive and helpful, especially with posing. I am so glad I decided to do a photoshoot with Bri in her studio, it was beautiful and my photos were well worth the investment. I can't wait to hang up my huge metal prints in the nursery and admire my album. This was just the pampering I needed before my baby arrives.”

Nervous to Bombshell

Everyone, meet Nika.

What inspired you to book a session?
I saw all the feedback from previous clients about how this empowered them, and I wanted to have the same experience. There are so many things about my body that I wish I could change but this experience helped me realize that none of that matters!

How did you feel leading up to your Boudoir Session?
Scared as shit quite honestly!
How did you feel during your boudoir session?
Like I have never felt before! I was so at ease and felt sexy as hell!

What was your favorite part about your session?

Working with Bri and Maribel (Hair & Makeup) ! They are so genuine (and TALENTED)!

How did you feel after your boudoir session?

Like I have never felt before. I see myself in a whole new light. I am very proud of how far I have come, and I am embracing everything about my body!

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about doing a session?

DO IT! Honestly, leading up to the photo shoot I was thinking, “Well if I get 10 photos to print I will be happy.” I have 45 in my book! This was the most life changing experience yet, and I look forward to doing it again!