Hi, I am Bri Valiente.


Why Bri Valiente? I decided to take on the name Valiente because 1. It’s a bad ass name but more importantly because 2. It represents all women and all of our stories. Valiente means Brave in Spanish and not only does it embrace my heritage but it also allows me to take my own name. For those that know my story know how much I’ve been through, similarly to some of your own journeys. Whether you’ve been abused, divorced, hurt, suffered with body insecurities or family trauma. You are Valiente. We all are It’s not until we welcome our pasts and who we are (hurts and all) that we can stand firm in who we are and all we want to be.

I want to help you feel as Valiente as you are!

I understand how nervous you might feel about your Boudoir experience because I have been on the other side of the camera! My profile photo is actually from my very own session!

Meet Our Dream Team


Hair & Makeup


From Studio assistant to a part of our Hair & Makeup Team, Cici loves being apart of your day of pampering. Cici is a new momma and the definition of a super mom- just like most of our clients!


Hair & Makeup


Cindy has been with our studio since Day 1 and has also been featured on People Magazine with Bri. She loves being able to create breathtaking looks for our sessions and always has beauty on the brain. Cindy owns a beauty brand where she can be found creating new plumping lip glosses, giving clients spray tans and more!


Hair & makeup


Laura is a rockstar in our studio and not only helps us out behind the scenes with getting client consults but she is also a part of our Hair & Makeup Team! Laura has a background in bridal makeup and boudoir is her middle name (well, almost!).